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eTwinning project “Traditional songs and dances”


About the project

Pupils will gather information and learn about a few traditional songs and dances of their country and partnership countries.

By doing this, pupils will learn more about their and their partners' traditions and cultures.

They will become more aware of the changes in the way of life and spending free time in the past and today, as well as the importance of preserving our cultural heritage.



Pupils will learn a few traditional songs and dances/games.

They will learn about the importance of preserving their traditions and heritage.

They will discover relations between songs and dances and the way of living.

They will develop their language skills better.

They will develop technological skills by discovering the possibilities of the web 2.0, use ICT tools and create digital material.


Work process


Pupils learn about the aims and objectives of the project.

Each school learns and records a traditional Christmas/ New Year/Winter song and posts it and the original and English lyrics of the song on the project’s TwinSpace.



There are a lot of traditional dances and rhythmical or sung games for children. Children explore and choose one or two they think their partners would like and record it for their partners to see on TwinSpace. They can also prepare and post presentations about more traditional dances in their country.



A Skype meeting where children can perform one of their partner’s songs or dances, and do quizzes about the materials they have exchanged.



Expected results

Materials (videos, presentations, translations, photos) will be published on TwinSpace and the news about the project will be published on schools’ web pages.





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