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Osnovna škola "Vladimir Nazor" Križevci


About the project

The aim of this project is to exchange Christmas cards. There will be 6 European schools involved, namely the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Netherlands. Each school will send at least 4 cards to another school. That means that each school will make at least 20 cards in total. We will exchange Christmas wishes and write each other about various Christmas traditions, how we celebrate Christmas, what we eat and hopefully wish each other a happy New Year too.


The aim of this project is to find out how Christmas is celebrated in other European countries.
Work process

Each school will make 20 cards. Then it will send 4 cards to each school which joined this project. The countries involved will be: Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Croatia and Netherlands.
For example: a school from the Czech Republic will send 4 cards to Poland, 4 cards to Italy, 4 cards to Netherlands, 4 cards to Croatia and 4 cards to Turkey.
Each school will obtain in total 20 cards from 5 different countries.
On the front of the card there will be a picture with any Christmas topic. Inside of the cards children can write about the way they celebrate Christmas and New Year in their country (typical Christmas Day, food, traditions, customs, New Year celebrations etc.). Students may also include letters about how Christmas is celebrated.

Expected results

Receiving 20 Christmas cards from 5 European countries, learning about Christmas and New Year traditions in their countries.

1) Ubbo Emmius, locatie Onstwedde, Stadskanaal Netherlands
2) Szkoła Podstawowa nr 35 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi im. Matki Teresy z Kalkuty w Tychach , Tychy Poland
3) ZŠ a MŠ Štramberk, Štramberk Czech Republic
4) ICS 3 di Sora, Sora (Fr) Italy
6) Osnovna škola "Vladimir Nazor" Križevci, Croatia


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