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About the project


In our project we will use micro:bit to water plants. We are going to plant the peas; one plant will be watered manually and the other one using micro:bit. 

The students will follow the development of plants in these two pots and record their observations (taking photos in each stage of plant growth) so they will be able to compare the plant watered manually vs. plant watered by programmed micro:bit.

At the end of our project ( that includes both, junior and senior primary school pupils) they will be able to give same conclusions.


- logical reasoning
- implementing ICT in science education. 
- learning to think scientifically 
- use of multimedia 
- emphasis on the parallel of this two different plant pots
- new facts and knowledge
- observation or measurement recorded for subsequent analysis
- understanding the designed and constructed experimental situation
- understand the natural processes
- bring personal satisfaction


The experiment will be observed and the plants are going to be recorded, so the partner school can be informed about the process and what is happening at each stage of our project. 

Our partner school can choose between two ideas; the first one is to have a partner school as an observator (it means that school only watch and follow our project in all phases) 
-the other one is to have a school partner that is doing the same project, following the same steps, as we do (much more data to interpret)
-planned time. March, 2020.
The meeting will be arranged on a weekly basis, via web cam (depending on available software and apps) at the time that suits both schools.


There is a possibility to use Twinspace depending on the agreement between our and partner school.


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