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Osnovna škola "Vladimir Nazor" Križevci


Projekt se provodi u suradnji sa Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Dej iz Rumunjske.

About the project

Pupils will exchange videos of traditional songs and dances.
By doing this, pupils will learn more about their and their partner's traditions and culture.
They will become more aware of the changes in the way of life and spending free time in the
past and today, as well as the importance of preserving our heritage.


Pupils will learn traditional songs and dances.
They will learn about the importance of preserving traditions and heritage.
They will learn about their partner's coutry.
They will develop technological skills by discovering the possibilities of the web 2.0 and use
ICT tools to communicate.

Work process

Pupils learn about the aims and objectives of the project.
They introduce themselves on Twinspace's forum and/or a PP presentation. (Since one of the
partner schools is a special education school, children can use their mother tongue or a web
translation tool to introduce themselves.)
Each school posts videos of at least one traditional song and of at least one traditional dance
on the project’s TwinSpace for their partners to see.
Children post photos of watching their partner's videos and post a comment on what they saw
on Twinspace.
A Skype meeting/ video conference where children can perform one of their songs and sing it
with their partners. Children can communicate through music and with the help of their
teacher as the interpreter.
Children also make a board/presentation about heir partner's country and present it on

Expected results

Materials (videos and photos) will be posted on project's TwinSpace and the news about the
project will be published on schools’ web pages.


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