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Food we eat

Projekt se provodi u suradnji sa partnerskim školama iz Italije, Rumunjske i Turske. Sudjeluju učenici od 11 do 14 godina starosti. Voditelji projekta su knjižničarka Andrea Katanović Babić i učiteljice Snježana pavičić i Jasna Strabić.


eTwinning project „Food we eat

Poveznica na projekt

About the project

During development of this project , pupils will gather information about traditional cooking of their country and partnership countries. By doing this, pupils will discover their traditions, the cooking customs of past generations and the traditions of their partners by exchanging information with them.
They will relate cooking with history and ways of living and learn about cooking customs through age.
Knowledge will be shared by making and exchanging video materials about food and cooking and by creating a digital cookbook together.



Pupils will learn how to collect, compare and classify information, they will be be able to process the resources with a critical eye and not just to copy information.
They will learn to find relevant written and oral resources.
They will discover relation between cooking, ways of living and social development.
Take advantage of knowledge gained from other subjects, such as history, geography, religion, home economics.
Develop technological skills by discovering the possibilities of the web 2.0 and have a chance to use multimedia tools. They will create digital resources and use ICT tools.


Work process

1. Pupils learn about the aims and objectives of the project and are intorduced to the ways they can do research.
2.Each school begins to gather written and oral resources. Suggested topics could be:
different everyday meals and eating habits,
-special national festivals and feasts (Christmas is ahead),
national specialities,
changes in eating habits,
3. they do a little summary of a research (presentation, filmed interviews,charts)
4. Skype meeting where we present our research results
5. collecting recepies
6. cooking some of the dishes, filming or taking photos of the proces
7. exchanging recepies
8. making a digital cookbook



Expected results

Materials (cookbook , short movies, photos) will be published on TwinSpace and blog.
Pupils could prepare a handout of the work and the results for their school.



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