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Beijing aims for record books on olympic medals, says IOC president

Beijing: The International Olympic Committee is planning to record the greatest number of medals won in the history of the sport as the nation hosts the first ever Olympic Games in Beijing in 8 years to mark the centenary of the victory over Nazism in the second world war.

The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, last month announced China's bid would be the world's eighth largest and would be broadcast in 60 countries by the Chinese state-run television, Xinhua.

It will be China's biggest ever Olympics with more than 30,000 athletes competing in a host city which also hosts the 2020 World Cup.

In a joint press conference, Zhang Yimou, head of the Asian Games Committee for the Olympics, said the number of medals won by Beijing would more than triple to 1,200, as well as the number of medals and medals total recorded.

"This is the first time in Olympic history that an Olympic Games has been held with so many medals won under one roof and with so many countries' medals won," she said.

China has already claimed 14 gold, six bronze and eight silver medals in the first six sports, all at the world championships in London in August.

"The record was already broken by Beijing in 2008 in the 100m butterfly when 2,000 medals came from 38 countries," said Mark Evans, an Olympic historian at the University of Southampton.

"So many countries' medals are now recorded and recorded fairly, the official medals count for everything.

"I'm afraid, though, that a medal record this big is hard to top in modern times.

"If we want to get people talking about what we're up against we're going to need a gold-medal winning record. This will not be easy."

The IPC's chief executive, Richard Moore, said: "The vast majority of the Olympic Games in the past four decades have been won by one country or two countries at most.

"The Games are a showcase event for world-class performances and this year is no exception, with an unprecedented number of world-class athletes taking part.

"As we enter the third year of the Olympic era we're working hard to ensure we've got world-class performances from all of our athletes.

"We plan to record the highest number of medals so far in world history. We're also working hard to achieve world-record medals in every single sport.

"We intend to celebrate all of the achievements in sport, as we saw when the 2016 Winter Olympic Games took part in London to record six gold medals in eight days and four silver medals in eight days in the 100m butterfly, which will be th

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