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Workers rights to feature in election say unions 'have no reason to complain'

Unions have no reason to complain as they have played a big part in getting the government's proposed workers rights legislation through Parliament, with both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties in the lead of opposition to the legislation.

The National Union of Mineworkers, which represents nearly 500,000 workers, says it was keen to have unions on record with opposition to the legislation, but had heard nothing from the government.

The union has put forward more than 15 motions (which are not binding legislation), the majority of which were withdrawn during negotiations by ministers during the session that last week passed the bill.

"We have spent the last eight hours talking to ministers who have been saying they don't care about our issues. But what they have not realised is unions have no reason to complain. They have been involved in the political process, and if it's an issue for them, it has become one for the government," said Paul Gyngell, the general secretary of the Unite union.

Unite has said it will not go away in the future despite the government's election promises to abolish the union that represents the vast majority of the country's employed â and union leaders say they would consider moving out of the country if the bill's withdrawal makes their jobs too hard for staff.

"You see a government, the government will never stop trying to get something through. Whether the Bill is good for a lot of people I don't know, but what they don't realise is they are on course to get the legislation through, despite all of this," said Gyngell.

The government said the legislation will boost jobs and business by raising standards and efficiency â and it said the union's concerns about the legislation are "inaccurate".

Unite is one of the biggest employers in the country and the largest in Europe, with around 1 million workers in the UK and another million overseas.

Unite said it had been critical in lobbying members to reject the bill, and called on those who did oppose it to support other "vital" public services.

A group of 11 labour and employment ministers met on Wednesday to negotiate and were due to return on Friday but Labour and Liberal Democrats have since withdrew their own opposition, leaving just the government and Liberal Democrats to agree the bill.

At an official debate on the bill last month, Michael Gove, the justice secretary, said it would allow employers to take on more than 500,000 workers but claimed they had a "well-founded claim of being part of the workforce".

An official consultation on the bill will be opened today and will allow people to give their views in public until 12 April.

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