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Canberra auction rates improve with government funding


New Zealand auction rates improved in response to federal funding, but not with government spending, with the number of property sales in Australia actually falling for the eighth consecutive year.

With the Government offering up to $200 million in taxpayer funding to stimulate the property market, auctions are up in New Zealand for three months, with just 14 per cent fewer sales at the July auction.

But the average price in Auckland on Wednesday is $750,000 higher, up from $750,000 last year â and the average property price in Sydney is now $2.1 million, up from $2.05 million last year.

The ACT's auction industry is not immune from the strong property prices.

Roughly 13 per cent of all property sales in ACT are now priced above $1 million, meaning there are now almost half a million more property deals than the ACT's average house.

In New Zealand, however, sales are up by 20 per cent and are up in every state except the ACT, who saw their sales prices rise by 15 per cent in July.

The ACT government is planning to invest $90 million to promote new sales.

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Interview trent waterhouse. I was at a rock concert. They had to keep the doors closed to keep the concert going because it was getting too loud. So I was sitting behind one of the audience members, saying something along the lines of, "Yeah, I don't agree. And I thought you were being provocative." And he went "What are you talking about?" He was totally fine with us talking about the music.

Ricardo: We were talking about music. He was like, "You're being silly." I was like, "Well, you're being silly because you're here."

Trent Waterhouse is one of the more fascinating and respected American hip-hop artists of the last few decades. He's one of the biggest stars on the West Coast as far as both East Coast and West Coast headliners, a true pioneer on the New York rap scene as well as a huge cultural force. His most recent album, The New Black, came out in July of 2016, although he's been pushing back that title since then.

I met Ricardo at the beginning of his tour, when we had the opportunity to speak about all that rap. Ricardo is a very creative artist. I don't think he's just someone who comes out and hits his stride and does stuff, but there is something there. I talked a little bit about a video he released called "Basketball Dressed as a Poet."

As far as The New Black and the way he came out to make music, I can't say enough about what a great artist he is. Not only has he been amazing as an artist, he's also been phenomenal as a human being. There's not one thing he does that doesn't make you want to talk to him and just get to know him more. But his whole approach to music and music culture has gotten me hooked on hip-hop over and over again, as well. He's been a huge influence on my whole life. He is the true icon of the modern rap age.

Ricardo was very complimentary of myself for having the time to interview him. He just really wants to share with us how music has changed his life, and I can just say, "That was awesome."

I'm going to go to the next question. I'm thinking of reading an interview that you did with Steve Martin back in 1995, and I know you guys weren't quite a couple yet. He talked about the fact that he got into hip-hop because he had a girlfriend who was in a band, and he wanted to see if there was a similar experience for girls, too. So, when you were looking to get into music, which did you go for?

Trent Waterhouse: Yeah


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